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guest Teresa Montoya added turnover - dizzy on the comedown 1d Piano added
guest Someone added Anonymous - Coco Loco 1w Piano added
guest Someone added St. Vincent - Savior 2w guitar added
guest Gman added Gman - electric riff 2 3w electric guitar added
guest Someone added Death in Vegas - Dirge 3w guitar added
guest Gman added Gman - Simple lick 5 3w guitar added
guest Gman added Gman - simple lick 4 4w guitar added
guest Bass in yo face added Bass in yo face - simple lick 3 5w bass added
guest isobelkata added grimes - my name is dark 5w electric guitar added
guest 100 dykes added MUNA - Loudspeakers 6w guitar added
guest Someone updated Unknown - Unknown Classical 2 9w Piano updated
guest Someone updated Theme Song - Better Call Saul 9w Piano updated
guest henrik updated Röyksopp - Happy Up here 11w Piano updated
guest V. Bones featured Christmas - Frosty The Snowman Piano Featured
guest Paul C: Op do you have the notes for the verses and chorus too? This intro was really quick and easy to pick up :) in Linkin Park - Crawling (Intro) 3d
guest Someone: good in Pakistan - National Anthem 5d
guest asdf: it's easy once you know how it's done! thanks for the song! in Caesars, The - Jerk It Out 3w
guest Max Malarky: This is an interesting post to say the least. Even if Stein isn't relevant anymore it's wise to be skeptical. Also not a bad riff, even if it came from a lying dog faced pony soldier. in Jill Stein - Hitjob 5w
guest Max Malarky: What a bunch of Malarky! Here's the deal, I'm the guy that wrote this song for the record player, now I'm going to beat it like a drum. in Elizabeth Warren - Dream Big 5w
BA: @mochichi u got it in RHCP - californication 6w
mochichi: Hey admins, i just wrote this tab and i realized it does not sound good. I tried to edit it but it did not let me, saying that i had to sign in, is there any way you can grant me permission to edit the tab. many thanks in RHCP - californication 6w
guest elisa: qidhfhfj in 1 15h
guest govip: Sería posible que se pegara un dibujo del diapasón de la guitarra para que el usuario marque los dedos en las cuerdss del tono que necesita convertir a tono de piano? Gracias in Recomendación 4d
guest Sammy: let's all (cough cough Adddi) take a deep breath, and relax. a rainy day in vancouver is kind of like saying a sunny day in florida or a cold day in alaska. Kind of a dumb title imho. but enough stupid comments. did u find what u were looking for? in a rainy day in vancouver - KEINOHRHASEN soundtrack 7d
BA: This is fixed! (it or should be anyways...let us know if not!) in I cannot convert my midi to piano 2w

Max Malarky Crank Yankers Style

Friend of the site Max Malarky's latest efforts seek to increase the awareness of scams and encourage others to keep the crooks on the line instead of hanging up.

The more people scambait, the less profitable the scam is. The more people do this the more we dilute the pool of lucrative marks to the point where it is becomes more costly to find and exploit a target than it's worth.

Another Must Listen Song for Corporate Personnel

"I'm thinking about starting a Corporation, who's with me?"
Jack White's "Corporation" is a masterpiece worthy of much adulation. Though I wouldn't recommend viewing the song's accompanying video unless you are a) at least 37 years old and b) into really weird Jack White sh!t.

Something For My Friends In the Corporate World

If you've ever worked for a Corporation, these next ones are for you. This Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) parody of "Carry On" from Weird Al is on the bleeding edge of some big data strategies that promise to maximize our... synergy.
This is sooo good.

Max Malarky Shoutout

Friend of the site Max Malarky is helping raise awareness and reduce the proliferance of scams, check out the pilot here:

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