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BA: George buddy I miss you so much right now in George Bush - Truck Fump 5h
e: hi Mars Argo is the best! thanks for this!!! in Mars Argo - Electric Car 3d
Someone: Huh in Sims 2, The - Simple Sim 4d
what: Why is the guitar part on this? in sonata arctica - Fullmoon 3w
Enos Paige: How do I learn a song if I don't the know notes you give us the CHORDS but no notes what good is that in Notes 1w

Forget the Election: Trump still hasn't conceded that he didn't win an Emmy for 'Apprentice'

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York will receive an international Emmy for his TV coronavirus briefings. Meanwhile, the outgoing President of the United States still has not conceded that his show 'The Apprentice' never won an Emmy, let alone the 2020 election in which he was soundly defeated. The show was nominated but lost to 'The Amazing Race'. Rather than admit defeat, Trump started tweeting that the Emmys were "rigged".

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