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guest 100 dykes added MUNA - Loudspeakers 1d guitar added
guest 100 dykes added St. Vincent - Cruel 1d guitar added
guest 100 die yikes added St. Vincent - Birth In Reverse 1d guitar added
guest Gman added Gman - Simple lick 2 5d guitar added
guest Someone added yes - Untitled 5d guitar added
guest Someone added st. vincent - the party 5d guitar added
guest Someone added Black Sabbath - NIB 3w guitar added
guest Elizabeth Warren added Elizabeth Warren - Dream Big 4w Piano added
guest Someone added Unknown - easy happy riff 5w guitar added
guest supadave added Anonymous - Mario Bros Theme 5w Piano added
guest Someone updated Unknown - Unknown Classical 2 4w Piano updated
guest Someone updated Theme Song - Better Call Saul 4w Piano updated
guest henrik updated Röyksopp - Happy Up here 5w Piano updated
guest Bilbo updated Bilbo - Church is for sheep 7w Piano updated
BA: @mochichi u got it in RHCP - californication 4d
mochichi: Hey admins, i just wrote this tab and i realized it does not sound good. I tried to edit it but it did not let me, saying that i had to sign in, is there any way you can grant me permission to edit the tab. many thanks in RHCP - californication 4d
guest Someone: This sucks in Van Halen - Love Walks In (intro) 5d
guest Random guest: Nice in Nazi Zombies Call of Duty - Damned 6d
guest Someone: i only feel alright when the view is flashing in Of Montreal - The party's crashing us 2w
guest nitsuJ: I am so gay for this! thank u! in Koji Kondo - Great Fairy Fountain 2w
guest Bob 9876543210: Left hand: GBE GBD DF#A C#EA Right hand: AGABAGEEF#GDBAGABAGE in Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 2w
guest Sksbsjsj: On the left hand: GDE GDB DF#A C#EA Right hand: AGABAGEEF#GDBAGABE in Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 2w
guest Chara: I don't understand ;<; in yael naim - new soul 4w
BA: we probably shouldn't list a button to play the midi for drum tabs like these since it doesn't work! oops, we'll get this fixed in Drum Dum - Untitled song 5w
guest Zhellex: The end of the Chorus(1:20 - 1:53) the piano stops playing along with everything leading into the breakdown. Dropping the last A# of the chorus along with the following A# and C#. C--d------d---C------C--- | ------A-----------A------ | in Make Them Suffer - Widower 6w
BA: It's now increased to 100KB in the midi converter , hope that helps you while we look into the bigger issue. Our bad, we actually found an issue with this, thanks for letting us know! in Site will not let me work with larger that 50k files 1w
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BA: It works for me, can you send us the file at tabnabber@gmail.com so we can take a look at it? Thanks! in Site will not let me work with larger that 50k files 1w
frankasmith568: I signed up as asked, but still will not work. Can you recommend a better site that works? in Site will not let me work with larger that 50k files 1w

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Another Must Listen Song for Corporate Personnel

"I'm thinking about starting a Corporation, who's with me?"
Jack White's "Corporation" is a masterpiece worthy of much adulation. Though I wouldn't recommend viewing the song's accompanying video unless you are a) at least 37 years old and b) into really weird Jack White sh!t.

Something For My Friends In the Corporate World

If you've ever worked for a Corporation, these next ones are for you. This Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) parody of "Carry On" from Weird Al is on the bleeding edge of some big data strategies that promise to maximize our... synergy.
This is sooo good.

MacsXam Shoutout

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