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by: steph

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[Tab Guru]
T|  There's several melodies going on in this song, its impossible for one person 
A|  to play them all, but if you play the chords on the left hand and the
B|  higher piano tinkling on the right, it sounds pretty good.  If the chords 
N|  aren't obvious, leave me a comment saying so and I'll write out the notes.
E|          (chords get louder)
R|   [D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][BbBb
] .|  6|d-------e-------d---e-------d---e-------d---e-------d---d---d-| C|  5|----a-------a-----------a-----------a-----------A#------a---a-| O|   M|  (Repeat INTRO 1X) -|   T|   A|   B|     [D5] N|  In city shoes of clueless blues A|  [D5] B|  Pays to views B|  [BbBb
] E|  And no-mans news R|  [D5] .|  Blades will fade from blood to sport C|       [D5]              [BbBb
] O|  The heroin's cut these fuses short M|  [DmDm
] -|  Smokers rode a colonial pig T|  [D5]             [Dsus2Dsus2
] A|  Drink and frame this pain i think B|  [BbBb
] N|  I'm melting silver poles my dear A|  [BbBb
] B|  You bleed your wings and then disappear B|  [Bb6] E|  The moving scenes and pilot lights R|  [Bb6]                  [BbBb
] .|  Smithereens have got 'em scaling heights C|  [AA
] O|  Modern times come talk me down M|  [AA
]                          [AA
] -|  And battle lines are drawn across this town T|   A|  [D5] B|  Parisian boys without your names N|  [D5]          [Dsus2Dsus2
] A|  Ghetto stones instead of chains B|  [BbBb
] B|  Talk 'em down cause it's up in flames E|  [BbBb
] R|  And nothing's changed .|  [Bb6] C|  Parisian boys without your names O|  [Bb6]     [BbBb
] M|  Riot like 1968 again -|  [AA
] T|  The days of rage yeah nothing's changed A|  [AA
]                   [AA
] B|  More pretty flames N|   A|  [D5] B|  In school I would just bite my tongue B|  [D5]                    [BbBb
] E|  And now your words they strike me down R|  [D5] .|  The flags are false and they contradict C|  [D5]                          [BbBb
] O|  They point and click which wounds to lick M|  [D5] -|  On avenues this christian breeze T|  [D5]                     [BbBb
] A|  Turns its heart to more needles please B|  [D5] N|  Our eyes roll back and we beg for more A|  [D5]                          [BbBb
] B|  We phrase this skin and then underscore B|  [DmDm
] E|  The case for war you spin and bleed R|  [D5]                     [Dsus2Dsus2
] .|  The cells you fill screensavers feed C|  [BbBb
] O|  The girls you breed the soaps that you write M|  [BbBb
] -|  The graceless charm of your gutter snipes T|  [Bb6] A|  The moving scenes and suburbanites B|  [Bb6]                  [BbBb
] N|  And smithereens got 'em scaling heights A|  [AA
] B|  Modern times come talk me down B|      [AA
]                    [AA
] E|  And battle lines are drawn across this town R|  [D5] .|  English boys without your names C|  [D5]           [Dsus2Dsus2
] O|  Ghetto stones instead of chains M|  [BbBb
] -|  Hearts and minds and U.S. planes T|  [BbBb
] A|  Nothing's changed B|  [Bb6] N|  And English boys without your names A|  [Bb6]           [BbBb
] B|  Riot like the 1980's again B|  [AA
] E|  The days of rage yeah nothing's changed R|  [AA
]               [AA
] .|  More pretty flames
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