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Bill Maher added 14h Bill Maher - all of the known gods guitar added


Peter added 1d Anonymous - Kryptonite guitar added


Sick Puppy added 2d Anonymous - Money Money Money guitar added


Ordered Chaos updated 1w Random - Some Randoms Piano updated


Cranky Sunshine updated 2w Cranky Sunshine - F that Piano updated


Anonymous updated 2w z paper - oh yeah - singerhuck Piano updated

guest Danny said: 6d @Joshua William Dun How do you know though??
on Twenty One Pilots - Screen (Intro)
guest dave said: 1w @Green now you can, the tab was missing the string names but once I added them it works now!
on Gregory and the Hawk - Oats We Sow
guest Green said: 1w Can't convert tabs to piano sheet music!
on Gregory and the Hawk - Oats We Sow
guest Anonymous said: 2w love it
on Whigfield - Close to You
guest Anonymous said: 2w I want an liar chords
on Katherine McPhee - Terrified
guest Anonymous said: 2w I want a piano chord
on Katherine McPhee - Terrified
guest hydroPBblast said: 2w @Rishabh dude where should the change be

on Linkin Park - Numb-Intro
guest Anonymous said: 3w Lol

on Legend of Zelda - Song of Time
guest To whom it may concern said: 3w This isn't the full song its only really the beginning so please can you fix this.
on Linkin Park - What I've Done
guest lucy said: 3w timing is a bit off but great start! such a great song
on AIR - La Femme D'argent
BA said: 1w Yep, thanks, we're working on it
on Site Update: We got a new server!
guest Anonymous said: 1w isn't working?
on Site Update: We got a new server!
guest norman said: 1w this song is very rythmic , i have been trying to find the MIDI sequence.
could someone help me?

on AUTHOR: Buddy Richard SONG: si me vas a abandona(MIDI)

Site Update: We got a new server!

We are bigger and better than ever before, having completed a site migration to new hardware that is 2X faster.

Site Update: Piano Tab to Sheet Music Converter

The piano tab to sheet music converter now has more tools and an improved visual layout! Oh hellz yeah.

Viral Saudi Music Video Lashes Back at Men

Majedalesa - Hwages is taking Saudi Arabia by storm, breaking taboos with controversial lyrics that say "May men disappear, they give us psychological illnesses / None of them are sane, each one has an illness."

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