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Music Makes Beer More Better

You read that right. Music can improve the taste of beer, according to a new study published in Frontiers in Psychology.

Now there's more motivation for those 12 ounce curls, right? UK music band “The Editors” and Belgian brewers “The Brussels Beer Project” collaborated with researchers to scientifically demonstrate that taking in multisensory information can affect and improve our experience of food and drink.

"We have been able to see that people tend to feel more pleasure when experiencing beverages along with sounds that are part of the beverage's identity", according to the lead researcher.

A previous study found that, while looking for "correspondences between classical music and wine", people perceive the taste of wine as sweeter and enjoyed "the experience more while listening to matching music, than while tasting the wine in silence."

I'll drink to that. Cheers! Responsibly, of course (I've prayed to the Porcelain God and she hath spoken unto me:alcohol is one helluva drug).

Site Update: Introducing TabNabber Radio

First a big Thank You to all of you that have sent in so many great songs / tabs over the years. By sharing your talents with the world you have let musicians everywhere learn from your examples and helped fill the world with new music!

We regularly try to capture the best of the best on our featured page, and though we undoubtedly miss some greats (it's hard for our small crew to keep up with the thousands of songs sent in), we have amassed a collection of hundreds of interesting tunes, many of which have never been heard before. But don't take our word for it, tune in to TabNabber Radio and experience a flow of masterpieces from your fellow tabbers!

Boost Brain Processing With Music

The University of Washington reports:
Rock your baby in sync with music and you may wonder how the experience affects her and her developing brain.

A new study by scientists at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) shows that a series of play sessions with music improved 9-month-old babies’ brain processing of both music and new speech sounds.

“Our study is the first in young babies to suggest that experiencing a rhythmic pattern in music can also improve the ability to detect and make predictions about rhythmic patterns in speech,” said lead author Christina Zhao, a postdoctoral researcher at I-LABS.

“This means that early, engaging musical experiences can have a more global effect on cognitive skills,” Zhao said.

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